Anger Management For Bullying

Anger Management For Bullying

Currently, resources and intervention for bullying is rarely considered and almost never researched.

The public, including professionals are so outraged over the trauma of bullying on victims including children and adult employees that our emotions cloud our objective judgment.

1). Resources must be included for all victims that may include counseling and psychotherapy.
2). Zero option policies must be instituted in schools and in the workplace.
3). All states must draft and pass legislation regulating bullying.
4). Anger Management and or Executive Coaching can and must be publicized as a needed and useful intervention for perpetrators of bullying.
5). Organizational Anger Management should be included for use in business and industry to promote the prevention of workplace bullying.
6). Teachers, Administrators, parents and students should be provided Organizational Anger Management to teach how to respond early to signs of bullying behavior.
7).All intervention resources including Anger Management for bullying should be limited to evidenced based programs that include Pre and Post Anger Management Assessments as well as a curriculum and workbooks to make sure that the interventions are legitimate.

Certified Anger Management Facilitators [ CAMF ] are currently the most credible providers of Anger Management and Evidence Based Organizational Anger Management Training.

More Information is available at Atlanta Anger Management web site or call Richard Taylor CAMF at 678-576-1913.

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