Check E-mail Less For Less Stress

Check E-mail Less For Less Stress

A new study by UC Irvine and the U.S. Army revealed that cutting out the irresistible habit of constantly checking your e-mail reduces stress and dramatically improves your ability to focus.

The results revealed that the people that checked their e-mail flipped between screens twice as much and were in a constant state of “high alert as they had more constant heart rates. However, those with no e-mail – they were without e-mail for five blissful days – were not perturbed by technology’s siren song and were observed to have more natural heart rates.

We found that when you remove e-mail from workers’ lives, they multitask less and experience less stress.” said UCI informatics professor Gloria Mark, who co-authored the study.

The participants who had e-mail felt a persistent itch to check their e-mail and couldn’t help but scratch it: they flicked between screens an average of 37 times per hour. Those who had no e-mail only switched screens about 18 times an hour.

Edited by Richard Taylor, BS, CAMF
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by Drew Bowling  |   Drew Bowling is a staff writer for WebProNews

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