The Jennifer Keitt Show: Flashing Blue Lights

By Jennifer Keitt

Texting; driving, speeding, smoking weed, gambling, alcohol, online sex law infringements… There are so many ways that the MAJORITY of us break the law every single day! What are the consequences? Do you know your rights? What does an arrest or trouble with the law mean for your future? DO YOUR KIDS KNOW THE LAW?!

In light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, your chief empowerment officer JENNIFER KEITT is determined to help you protect yourself and your family!

Sunday’s practical, relevant, and real show: “FLASHING BLUE LIGHTS! Know what to do when you’re in trouble with the law!

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Blue Lights Tool Kit PDF

Richard Taylor BS, CAMF

Richard Taylor BS, CAMF


Richard Taylor, Director of Atlanta Anger Management
appears as guest
on The Jennifer Keitt Show tonight
for segment on “Blue Flashing Lights
on KISS 104.1 Radio Show, Sundays 6-8PM

Jennifer Keitt - Today's Black Woman Show Host

Tune in at 104.1 and call show!

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Show Guests

Chief Jimmy Williamson
Chief of Police, University of Georgia Police Department

Attorney Kim Cornwell
Criminal Defense Attorney
Law Office of Bruce S. Harvey
Phone: 404-659-4628

Dr. Ralph Steele

Victoria Pynchon
Author: A Is For A**Hole: The Grownups ABC’s of Conflict Resolution

Richard Taylor
Director Of Atlanta Anger Management
Phone: 678-576-1913

Atlanta’s #1 Choice For Help With Anger, Rage and Conflict


Call for help when anger, rage, stress and conflict becomes:

• too frequent
• too intense
• lasts too long
• leads to health issues
• destroys interpersonal relationships: personal, work and public
• results in person-directed aggression: verbal or physical abuse

Anger can be managed using skills/tools that can be learned through a course of proven Anger Management curriculum. Anger Management is offered in an Individual Session, Group Class format, Workshops and Accelerated Course.

These are designed to teach core life skills.

Call today if you need it. Do Not Wait. Call Richard at 678-576-1913

Director Richard Taylor BS, CAMF
Certified Anger Management Facilitator
Diplomate American Association Anger Management Providers

Atlanta Anger Management
5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Atlanta, Georgia 30342 USA

Office Phone: 678-576-1913
Fax: 1-866-551-1253

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#1 Certified Anderson and Anderson™ Anger Management Provider
The Best Of The Best In Anger Management & Emotional Intelligence

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