Atlanta Anger Management is an Atlanta, GA based Anger Management Education, Training and Research Company offering the latest Anger Management curriculum that focuses on introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger, stress and conflict while enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication.

Owner/Director Richard Taylor BS, CART

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Services Include:

  • Anger Management Classes –
    Monday Noon, Evenings – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
  • Saturday Anger Management Classes
  • Anger Management Private One on One Sessions
  • Anger Management Accelerated One Day Course
    Tuesday through Friday Business Hours
  • Anger Management Assessment Evaluations (Court Approved)
  • Anger Coaching
  • Anger Management Seminars
  • Executive Coaching For Anger Management Help
  • Couples Anger Help
  • Couples Conflict Management
  • Rage Management
  • Stress Management Sessions
  • Stress Management Seminars 
  • Emotional Intelligence Education
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Organization Meeting Seminars
  • Anger & Stress Accelerated One Day Weekday Course
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching
  • VIP Concierge Services
  • Teen Anger Help One on One Sessions (Ages 13-17)
  • Approved in 50 US States
  • Approved In Georgia Courts

Call Richard: 678-576-1913

Participants are self check in, Court Ordered or often Companies H.R. and EAP Managers referred including employees, Administration VIPs, Government, Law Enforcement, and Educational Institutions.

Through Atlanta Anger Management you will learn tools to grow and become more productive and happy with your life. We welcome you without judgment.

Richard is a life long learner and likes to research all types of ideas, studies, and life!
Some of his findings will appear on this blog…many might not seem related to anger management….and yet we are what we consume and one thing is for certain.

No one gets out alive. We must all face death.

So Richard promotes living healthy to further that end.

Cheers to being a better version of yourself!

Anger Management Classes In Atlanta

-Richard Taylor BS, CART | Call 678-576-1913

Anger Management Classes In Atlanta

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