Anger Management Classes In Atlanta


Court Ordered Anger Management Classes In Atlanta
Volunteer (Not Court Ordered) Anger Management Classes In Atlanta
Pre-Trial Diversion Programs
Divorce Cases With Pending Court Appearance.
Custody Battles


ZOOM MONDAY 10:30AM TO 11:30AM $25

ZOOM TUESDAY NIGHT CLASS  7PM to 8PM $25.00 and 8PM to 9PM $25.00 (Attend One or Both)

AT OFFICE WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLASS  6:30AM TO 7:30PM $30.00 & 7:30PM TO 8:30PM $30.00


ZOOM FRIDAY 10:30AM TO 11:30AM $25




Call/text Richard at 678-576-1913 to Book


Call 678-576-1913 for more information and register for class.

Court Approved in all 50 States, including metro Atlanta and all of Georgia.

Our Classes are for those who besides fulfilling their court requirements decide they might as well learn something also. If you don’t care about learning new life skills we suggest you go elsewhere. You get what you pay for.

Participants find out quickly that what we teach really works. It helps them become more aware of their emotions, communication style, anger and stress issues and empathy they have or lack. With increased awareness learned skills and actually using them (it is easy) things begin to improve rapidly.

We help you never get arrested again or be Court Mandated/HR Mandated again.

Atlanta Anger Management is a Certified Anger Management Provider.

ANGER: Understanding Anger, Anger Awareness, and Coping Tools taught are the hallmark of Anger Management

STRESS: It is very important to manage stress in order to control anger. Stress is a leading cause of anger. Coping Skills taught.

IMPROVED COMMUNICATION: Assertion is a powerful communication skill that helps people to verbalize more effectively, honestly, and appropriately. Assertion Training taught. You will also learn to Active Listen another core skill.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Empathy, the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes, is also a key component in controlling anger. Empathy skills are taught.
Also learn to become self aware, then control your emotions, increase social awareness and finally relationship management.

The Court Ordered Anger Management Training consists of training in group class setting.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded on the last day of class to those completing ALL classes and payment in full. The participant can then give the Certificate of Completion to the Court or Probation Officer/HR Department.

Volunteer participants often like a Certificate of Completion also.






Call 678-576-1913 for information and sign up.

Judges, Solicitor General’s, Probation Officers, PreTrial Officers in different counties all have different anger management requirements to fulfill their needs for you. It is your responsibility to check with them and ask questions to what they will accept to fulfill your court requirements.

  • All Payments Non Refundable.

Anger Management Classes in Atlanta






Richard will meet you in 2nd Floor Lobby of Building 5555
Come into the Suite 200.

[Sign: Glenridge Highlands One]

Call 678-576-1913 for information and sign up.

Judges, Solicitor General’s, Probation Officers, PreTrial Officers in different counties all have different anger management requirements to fulfill their needs for you. It is your responsibility to check with them and ask questions to what they will accept to fulfill your court requirements.

  • All Payments Non Refundable.
  • Please call your contact and ask what they will accept/require.


–> Court Ordered Clients Needing Anger Management Classes
–> Volunteer Clients
–> Angry People
–> Anger is appearing too often, too intense
–> Anger is affecting your relationships
–> Anger has become physical
–> Anger is becoming verbally abusive
–> Anger is appearing in your work life or while out in public
–> Couples with relationship issues and Anger is often felt
–> Road Ragers
–> Anger affecting your golf game
–> If you are stuck, don’t feel much
–> Sick of stuffing feelings
–> You are a passive Person
–> You say: “I never get angry.”
–> You are in a Toxic Relationship that is almost over
–> You are single but know anger affects your relationships
–> Bad Moods predominate each day
–> Your partner, friends or family tell you, “You need Anger Management.”


I really liked the fact that Richard is very active and knows his material. He has good strategies and techniques to display the information. I honestly feel the program is a success in the way the classes are run. He connects the dots and is consistent. – Tyler


I have attended three anger management classes and yours was the best!
I actually learned something. I hope to not do this again! – Matevius


I found you after attending a closer anger management class nearby. They lied to me about co pays, then made me take an assessment and tried to say I needed 15 hours of classes. What a scam. I am impressed you have ethics and say what it is. I am happy to drive farther to get a legitimate Anger Management class the courts will accept and be treated fairly and with respect. – Bobby


Thank you! It went well! My Probation officer got your email.
He received the Anger Certificate Of Completion from me. You did a great job.
I hope not to do business with you again, at least not for this!!!
Best wishes and thank you! – Alex


You are the best teacher ever. I mean it.
You took the time to give real life examples so I was easily able to understand the principle that made it easy for me to remember. And you always finished “Any questions?”
I liked that. Thanks.


I am writing a brief testimonial about Atlanta Anger Management’s anger management class. I attended the Saturday class, and it was a very beneficial class for me. I have always struggled with anger, but I was always able to control it. I finally let my anger get the best of me, and I got in trouble at work. I was very lucky that I did not get fired. After attending Sat. class, I was able to identify several tools to help me with my anger.

First, I was able to identify my triggers of my anger. I was also taught several tools to help control my anger. I have turned to regular exercise, taking controlled deep breaths, and excusing myself from a bad situation.

Everyone will deal with anger issues in different ways. I learned what would work best for me. I highly recommend his Saturday course. He has helped me to control my anger on a daily basis. His class will give you new insights to yourself and your anger issues.

It was great to be able to receive all the anger management information in one day due to my busy schedule, savings on gas and time. I find I do better with consolidated information learning situations rather than spread over eight weeks. Easier to retain/remember the information!

Sincerely, Steve


Richard was very friendly, down to earth and personable.


Even though I resented attending the classes because I was the victim, you made the class material interesting and I actually learned something. I now know to control myself better. My relationships are improving and I catch my negative thought now and don’t hold on for days. My mood is better most of the time. Thanks for helping me.


I liked the class.


You know your stuff. I enjoyed it. Bye.


What I like about the anger management class is that provided me with many tools to pick from that I need to change myself and things I can do to make my relationship better.


Very useful. Everything was good.


Gave us more resources for continued study.


Nothing sucked. I was surprised I enjoyed the class.


I like watching the DVD videos as I learn better from seeing/hearing.
having the workbook to follow along also was a real plus. Good job.


Coming to a corporate building with a security guard made me feel safe. You have a top notch company. I liked having access to free on demand coffee and water when I came to class. Also meeting at a conference table made it feel not so ANGER MANAGEMENT! Thanks for offering a course that exposed me to a new world of emotion control.


I did not think I had any problems with anger. But going through the class material I realized that this is all good stuff and opened my eyes to how people actually work. I now know how to respond to angry people around me. I don’t get sucked in so easy. I am still trying to master to be calm in the storm. So as you said…”anger management is keeping open to awareness.” I liked that. Thanks for your class. I liked it in the end.


I agreed with your statement “You can only change yourself, not your partner.” Made me own my part in our relationship problems. The class gave me the information to do something about me, and therefore improve my relationship and my life. Thanks.


I attended a few classes somewhere else but was fed up with their controlling nature, changing ‘the rules’ and basically jerked me around. Thanks for offering a great program that I need to get off probation. It has been a nighmare! I thank your straight forwardness, not beating around the bush. Sometimes it might seem harsh but you made me realize I do have control of myself and my own choices. This class was worth it. Time and money. I liked your honesty and integrity too.


I thought the class was great. I liked the pacing between workbook and videos.


I promised I would email feedback on the classes. It was a pain to attend 8 weeks of classes but doing so made the material stick. While I don’t think I have anger issues, the information and class has made me more aware of how things are working in my life and I have found I am making better choices. So I guess it worked! I don’t respond aggressively to everyone else’s issues anymore, and friend’s have asked me how I manage to remain so calm now. That was a big change for me. Thanks.


Hi Richard: Thank you for being a caring high energy Anger Management Instructor
and for being so flexible with my schedule. It helped a lot!
I got a lot out of the course which surprised me.
Thanks for the special emphasize on what I really needed. I am really going to work this stuff! I know my kids will appreciate the new me! – Bill


Class was better than than I hoped for. Thanks. – Mel


I actually liked the info you taught us. I now am aware of others and their anger and don’t get sucked in like I use to. I am amazed I can do this MOST of the time. – Jennifer


I liked the stress management part as I am stressed out in school.


Richard: you da anger man. – Wimbee


Richard: I thought anger management was bull until you actually taught me that being more smart with my emotions (U called it Emotional Intelligence! Fancy!)
would help me at my job better. And it has!
I got employee of the month! Funny as hell! Me! – Later MB



1. Pre-Registration is required. You Need Approval to insure we have room for you and you get what you need. No fee.

2. Form of payment: VISA/MC/AMEX/PayPal, Cash. No Checks.

3. The Anger Management Training consist of:

Get your Information from your Court Ordered documents.
Decide on what Class you want to attend.
Tell us how many hours you need as defined your your referring party.
Class Training – # Of Hours As Required or 8 Hour Minimum Of Anger Management Classes.
Letters of Enrollment, Progress Reports and updates to Probation Departments, Reports and updates to the Courts when requested are provided at no charge.
Certificate of Completion.

4. All fees are required to be paid at the beginning of each class or for entire amount. No money, no services. No exceptions.

5. Hardship cases are suggested to should seek a government agency for help. Special Discount for Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Homeland Security Officials. No free classes are offered.

6. Twenty Four Hour Notice is required for non attendance (No Show) or payment is due and collected upon next attendance. This means if you miss your scheduled course date without 24 hour notice, then you pay for it. So bring double the money on the next appearance. To avoid simply call and let us know 24 hours in advance. Emergencies seem to abound, no excuses accepted, 24 Hours Notice required. This is common courtesy and a standard professional practice. No explanation is needed. Just call to inform us you cannot make appointment or your class. This a practical Anger Management!

7. Missed classes means you missed class material. To honor your probation you can make up for the missed class information. We do Not make you start from the beginning.

8. Required: Participation in class discussions, no sleeping in the class, be cooperative, if asked to stop and listen, do so. Be drug free and alcohol free. If you fail to cooperate you will be asked to leave. If necessary by police escort.

9. Certificate of Completion is only issued upon completion of the training and full payment received.

10. Policies can change without notice, but remain in effective for your duration of your training.

Anger isn’t considered a Psychological Disorder by either the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association in the way that depression or schizophrenia are. Since anger is considered only a symptom of underlying maladies treatment cannot be billed to clients health insurance.


Anger Management Classes In Atlanta

Director Richard Taylor BS, CART
Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
Certified Emotional Intelligence MHS EQ-i 2.0 Provider
Michelle Werner-Davis Divorce Busting Workshop For Professionals
Gottman Method Couples Therapy I, II, III

Anger Management Classes In Atlanta

Atlanta Anger Management
5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Atlanta, Georgia 30342 USA

Phone: 678-576-1913
Fax: 1-866-551-1253

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Atlanta’s #1 Certified Anger Management Provider
The Best Of The Best In Anger Management & Emotional Intelligence

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