Anger In The Middle Of Pained Relationships


Anger is often in the middle of a pained relationship.

Over 85% of our volunteer clients are calling because of anger surfacing to such a degree their intimate relationship is a high risk of ending or has already happened. Both men and women are calling for help.

And they want immediate help that works. We often work with the presenting client
to get things moving fast in a better upward direction easing tension by our education of changing some behaviors. We focus on Positive Changes with an ACTION PLAN for the week that gives solid things to be enacted to start change in the relationship.

Doing the same thing is not an option any longer. Clients know that it will continue the downward spiral that has been going on for some time.

After a few more individual sessions and more awareness assignments and things continuing to improve, often the partner shows up for their turn.

We stress that what we do is not counseling. Anger, Rage, Stress, Emotional Intelligence awareness and management is psycho education and training.
We do not need lots of information about your past. Just current events to start.

Sometimes a couple comes in together. This is ideal as we can start immediately to get both “on the same page” right from the start. A 1.5 Hour Session starts things off…or if the couple can afford it 2.5 hours. Many couples have told us they have already been to “talk therapists” and their issues still are very active and destructive.

Anger always seems to be in the middle of the hurt, unmet needs and boundary violations. Trust is at an all time low.

We help create some positive structure and ground rules to enable both partners to start doing things differently that starts to improve the affect between the two. In other words, they start liking each other just a bit more each day. Soon things are better if they can actually let go of blame, unforgiveness, being right (leads to being single) and their aggressive stance.

Gather up some energy and courage and just call Richard to set up a First Intake Meeting and stop sleeping alone. We encourage partners body contact.

Touch and warmth and love is a much better way to live! Get over the hump!
Let us help you with real life results.

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