Georgia Road Rage Tragedy

Georgia Road Rage Tragedy
Our hearts go out to this family and friends.
Stop the madness.

CBS Atlanta 46

CBS Tony McNary interviews family of Road Rage Victim death from Road Rage.

If you are get mad while driving ( Road Rage ) do something about it before tragedy strikes you and innocent people.


– Volunteer Rageful Drivers and Court Ordered Rageful Drivers –

You just experienced a driving episode of ” Road Rage”. You lost it and and a scary thing happened with another driver…it worked out but you admit it is time to find out how to control yourself better. You do not want to be charged with Road Rage and have to go to jail and be charged with an official Road Rage charge.

OR you have been charged with Road Rage and are required to attend Anger Management classes.

Call now and set things up with Richard at 678-576-1913.

Get help immediately before it is too late and consequences get out of hand. People are killed often in Road Rage incidents.

Do something now.

Richard understands, call 678-576-1913


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