9 Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband

Avoid uttering these common phrases that could undermine your marriage

By Denise Schipani

One of the best parts about marriage is being so comfortable with your hubby that you can say just about anything to him. But if you don’t watch your mouth, sometimes the ugly truth comes out in hurtful—not helpful––ways.

Though you may have legitimate concerns to express or issues to bring up, doing so in a harsh manner can be damaging in the long term, to both your husband’s feelings and your relationship.

According to Judy Ford, psychotherapist and author of Every Day Love, “Speaking kindly is a skill that couples have to learn. Everyone feels battered by life and the outside world. You shouldn’t feel that way at home.”

Here, nine statements that you should never utter to your significant other––and the words that you should try instead.

1. “Yes, I had an orgasm.” (when you didn’t) 

2. “You’re just like your father. 

3. “When are you going to find a new job?” 

4. “My mother warned me you’d do this!” 

5. “Just leave it––I’ll do it myself! 

6. “You always… [fill in the blank]” or “You never… [fill in the blank]” 

7. “Do you really think those pants are flattering?”

8. “Ugh, we’re hanging out with him again? 
9. “Please watch the kids. But don’t do this, take them here or forget that…” 

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