Anger and Stress Reduction Tips By Past Clients

Occasionally when I get some extra time, I call some of my former clients to ‘check in” with them to see what changes they have made and what coping skills from the class they have actually adopted.

Enjoy! – Richard


Letting Go

“I finally realized that my anger from past situations was over.  Why keep thinking about it and feeling angry over and over. Hey I thought Let Go. As you said… the past is the past. I now try to live this moment and not live in the past or future. Living is right now. Hey, am I enlightened?” – Crazy Willy

Social Network

“Having  a group of real friends to be real with that meet regularly help me process my emotions like anger, frustration, alienation, helplessness and such. The key is to have real friends you can trust.” – Maria

Maritial Arts

“I do martial arts, called Taekwondo. When you sweat your brain releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. It is the happy hormone. I feel better after a workout.” – Sun Lee


“I started writing journals. So I would write down why I felt angry and keep on writing and writing until I felt some relief. After a while you “auto write. The juice comes then. It takes a lot of my anger away and I feel more at peace.” – Brittany


“Richard turned me onto Laughter Yoga. It’s free and I try to laugh a lot more. It helps release endorphins and dopamine, the feel good hormones and also releases my stress. It’s fun to laugh for no reason. Angry feeling come up less. Good people too.” – Jen


“I recently began walking in my neighborhood park. I try to stop thinking and just walk. No music. Just silence. I focus on the sounds I hear. I try to connect with my heart and kindle a feeling of love. Being in connection with nature is a wonderful way to release thought negativity and absorb quiet positivity. 30-40 minutes does it.” – Tee


“I eat chocolate and I feel better!” – Tanawin


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