Road Rage – When Driving List

Road Rage – When Driving List


Road Rage is often called intermittent explosive disorder, a term used to refer to violent incidents resulting from stress caused by accidents or incidents on roadways. It is often a natural extension of aggressive driving.

Road Rage frustration and aggression are often triggered by traffic conditions, being in a hurry, stress related to other pressures. Road Rage is a feeling of retaliating of awlfulizing the other driver. The other driver deserves retribution. We make a free choice in what we do. We choose how we are going to respond.

∇ Are you experiencing aggressive driving in your attitude when behind the wheel?

∇ Find yourself driving erratically?

∇ Getting ‘worked up” driving?

∇ Find yourself saying not nice things called Expletives?

∇ Driving definitely causing you a lot of stress?

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Road Rage:

  • Occurs when a driver reacts angrily to other drivers
  • You cut off another driver
  • Tailgating
  • Gesturing or waving fist.
  • Flip off someone
  • Aggressive driving
  • Excessive speeds
  • Scream at another
  • Chase another car
  • Honk continuously at another car
  • Make threatening gestures
  • Try to injure or kill another driver
  • Name what you do: _______________

Road Rage is an symptom of an underlying issue with a driver. Impulse Control is a major issue. They are unable to remain in control of themselves or their emotions. Often stress is very high in your life. Perhaps your personal or business life is not going very well. Your anger spreads beyond driving creeping into other aspects of your life.

Choose to Calm Down and disengage from your stress.


For drivers who do not experience Road Rage knowing what might trigger a person is equally important.


Do not “flip off” someone with your middle finger. They may have a pistol in hand waiting for an excuse. Some people may just not like your look. Your race. Your hair color.


Atlanta has now become an aggressive driving city with too many cars and not enough roads.


Vote for more MARTA, High Speed Trains, Other Public Transportation ideas when they come up in Voting. Use MARTA when you can.



  • Be calm
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Slow down
  • Take more time to get to your destination and expect delays
  • Plan your driving trip before you drive so you know where you are going. Use Google maps.
  • Plan to arrive 20 minutes early so if traffic bad you are not stressed
  • Become a better driver
  • If you have anxiety while driving take a driver education course in defensive driving
  • Be courteous while driving
  • Make appointments in non traffic times
  • Stop multi-tasking while driving
  • Stop talking on phone while driving
  • Stop looking at your phone while driving
  • Practice holding the steering wheel with two hands so your other hand does not auto multi-task
  • Allow a car beside you to get ahead of you when lane narrows
  • When a driver cuts in front of you abruptly, let it go and expect that again
  • Drive with 360 degree awareness paying attention to all sides, front, back, left, right (Zen Driving)
  • Anticipate traffic incidents with attentive awareness “reading” the traffic ahead of you
  • Practice Positive Self Talk and say things like “Calm Down” “I feel Calm” “No big deal”
  • Do not use expletives like idiot, stupid, asshole, *uck you, *ucker, Mother*ucker
  • Do not use expletives like _____________ _______________ _____________
  • Arrive safely to live another day


Remain Calm and Carry On. Repeat this to yourself.

Road Rage Help

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A new kind of road hazard is Aggressive Driving that can become Road Rage.

When driving watch for:

  • aggressive drivers who weave in and out of traffic
  • drivers who tailgate (follow too closely)
  • drive too fast on crowded highways
  • honk the horn frequently
  • drive with no regard for other drivers and their vechicles
  • drivers who cut you off
  • drivers who brake very fast – you might read end them
  • drivers who “squeeze’ in front of 18 wheel trucks
  • scream at you
  • obscene gestures
  • drivers who try to get you to talk to them while driving
  • drivers who change lanes when you do and seem to be chasing you
  • drivers who get in front of you and slam their brakes on

Today’s hectic, over crowded, fast-paced world, frustration levels are sky high, stress piles on with increasing number of people expressing this as angry driving.

Avoid Road Rage consequences with these tips:

  • aggressive and excessive speeding, particularly on congested highways
  • aggressive and excessive speeding in bad weather
  • speed causes nearly 1/3 of all fatal motor vehicle crashes
  • speeding reduces the time drivers have to avoid a crash or a dangerous situation and greatly increases the likelihood the crash will be severe.
  • The energy released in a collision at 60 mph is 200 percent greater than at 40 mph, even though the speed has increased by only 50 percent.

Control Yourself

  • Wind down before you crank it up
  • Avoid making other drivers angry by avoiding anger yourself
  • Anticipate situations and make plans accordingly.
  • Regular traffic reports in most cities alert you to the traffic congestion.
  • Allow extra driving time to remain stress free.
  • Learn alternate routes.
  • Find ways to relive daily stress such as Working Out (Exercise), Pilates, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Conscious Breathing, Singing, taking Hot Baths at night.
  • If you plan a long road trip, take it in 8 to 10 hour stages.
  • Every three hours driving take a rest stop break.

Be Patient & Pay Attention – Avoid A Driving Assault

  1. Don’t yell or use obscene gestures.
  2. Don’t block the passing lane.
  3. Stay to the right if you are obstructing the flow of traffic.
  4. Always signal when changing lanes.
  5. Use your horn sparingly.
  6. Don’t tailgate.
  7. Cooperate
  8. Don’t compete on the road.
  9. Let other drivers merge into traffic in an orderly fashion.
  10. Don’t take another’s actions personally. Everybody makes mistakes.
  11. Don’t react to another driver’s uncivil behavior
  12. Avoid eye contact
  13. Don’t accelerate, brake or swerve suddenly, which can be seen as confrontational.
  14. If confronted by an aggressive driver, go to the nearest police station if you continue to be hassled or think you are being followed.
  15. Lock your doors.
  16. When stopped in traffic, leave enough space to pull out from behind the car you are following.
  17. Don’t be tempted to start a fight or carry any sort of weapon. These acts may provoke an assault.

ATLANTA ANGER MANAGEMENT – Richard Taylor offers Road Rage help both before you get arrested or after. It will cost you less if you come see Richard before since it seems going to jail costs between $1,000.00 and $8000.00 plus longer Anger Management – Road Rage Classes.

Call Richard Taylor of ATLANTA ANGER MANAGEMENT for help at 678.576.1913 with your Aggressive Driving and Erratic Behavior behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Who Would Benefit:

–> While driving you get angry at the least thing.
–> You experience anger or rage frequently
–> You experience anger or rage with too much intensity
–> You experience rage often (irrational over reaction to an activating event)
–> Your driving becomes reckless
–> You want to drive fellow ‘idiot’ drivers off the road
–> You want to slam your auto into another vehicle
–> When you rage you lose time and don’t remember what happened
–> When you get ‘very angry, rant ‘ [RAGE] you alienate everyone around you
–> When you get ‘angry’ you want to destroy
–> You can’t help but break objects, kick doors, punch holes in the wall
–> You stuff feelings fairly well but need rage to let off steam
–> You don’t have many emotions ‘Mr Spock’
–> I like myself but not many others don’t
–> People seem to avoid me, or walk on “eggshells” around me


Director Richard Taylor BS, CAMF
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