If we choose to love more each day our anger will dissolve.

Love comes from the heart. As Valentine’s Day is upon us we see a lot of heart symbols on everything. Besides buying flowers, exchanging cards, getting large teddy bears, eating chocolate just maybe the real meaning to Valentine’s Day is to remind us to reach out of ourselves and actually learn to love another person well. To give them what all humans want: To be loved.

I always wondered why I give on Valentine’s but almost never received. Is it women want but don’t give? Is it tradition? I always felt loved. Yes and that was enough.

A wisdom teaching we heard in this video LETTING GO

Lesson 3: Give without expectation
That works perfectly for Valentines and every day after.


I learn to give love without expectation.

Jesus told us to love unconditionally. To love those who insult you, love those who hate you. Maybe even love those who are angry with you! Tip: Remain silent and do not return their energy as it emboldens the aggressive person. Things get worse then. It is so hard to be silent. Impulse Control. Most angry people do not have any Impulse Control. So this is a profound teaching to us angry folks. Impulse Control is a key to good Anger Management. Mmm…be silent.

Jesus two commandments were: Love God And Love Your Neighbor. Simple right? Well most of us forget both.

Anger Management Tip:
Please consider this Valentine Day and each day after to practice the art of loving from the heart with intention. To give love without expectation. To smile at another without expecting anything in return. To practice random acts of kindness. To practice changing our negativity to positive thoughts and actions.

To let love flow through us. With intent we do not try to hold onto love. It is meant to be like a river….as it flows out more flows in to replace it. If we hold onto it, love becomes stagnant like a pond that needs draining.

So with intention I try to reach out to love others without expecting anything back. As I do so each day anger and other negative emotions dissolve and come up less.

This is good anger management. Love. Love without expectation.

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