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Building Neuroplasticity For Improved Living

Stephen Jepson of Never Leave the Playground is a program of activities that stimulates the growth of the brain and body by specific training of the hands and feet.

My method has two goals: to promote good health and to have fun.

About Stephen Jepson…

At age 72, Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy of lifetime fitness called Never Leave the Playground. He rides a unicycle, juggles while balancing on a bongo board, throws knives and plays jacks with both hands, walks a tightrope, swam across Iowa’s Spirit Lake at age 66, and has won over 80 gold medals in swimming since age 65. And more. Much more.

He knows the secret is to “just keep moving” through constant play, not exercise. He’s developed toys for all ages and degrees of physical fitness to use throughout our daily lives so we never have to leave the playground no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

No matter how impaired the body has become through neglect or disease or aging, consistent movement is imperative to regain and maintain balance, stability, coordination and growth. He calls it “age proofing the brain and body,” and it can begin at any age or any condition of the body.

Stephen received his MFA in ceramics from Alfred University and was a professor at the University of Florida for eight years before starting his own company, Jepson Pottery. He’s won many awards for his pottery including having a piece purchased by the Smithsonian, and has an international following with his instructional videos and teaching seminars at his World Pottery Institute.

However, the last three years, he has committed himself to researching and documenting his theory of lifetime fitness which has culminated in Never Leave the Playground.

He can help you, too, no matter where you are in your physical journey, and he’s invented the toys and games to help us play our way to and maintain our health at any age.


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